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Long Water

Long Water is just past Banky Fork. It is stocked with Common Carp, Mirrior Carp, Cruician Carp, Bream, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Tench. The carp go up to 10lb, perch to over 3lb and bream to 5lb.

All baits work well but maggots and luncheon meat are best for tench and perch, bread on top works especially well for Carp. 

Long water has a channel running through the centre of the lake, and can go up to 12ft in places. There are a number of over hanging trees and snags where the fish like to hold up. There is also a nice lilly pad area where tench and perch congregate. 

  • Common Carp to 10lb

  • Mirror Carp to 10lb

  • Bream to 5lb

  • Perch 3lb

  • Tench 3lb

  • Roach 1lb

  • Rudd 1lb

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