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Lagoon is host to our specimen carp with mirror and common carp up to 25lb. There is also a good stock of mid doubles and high singles. The lake also has Tench to 5lb, Perch to 3lb, roach, rudd and even eels.

The lake is around 4ft with 5ft depths in places. There are a number of over hanging trees on the far margin, a clay bar in the far left alcove and gravel patches running along the near margin which fish like to patrol.

A variety of baits work well on Lagoon including sweetcorn, luncheon meat, boilies, spicy sausage and even chickpeas have had great success. Maggots, worms and prawns work well for the Tench and Perch and floating some bread or maggots will get you some nice Roach and Rudd.

  • Common Carp to 25lb

  • Mirror Carp to 25lb

  • Perch 4lb

  • Tench 4lb

  • Roach 1lb

  • Rudd 1lb

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